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NSPCC: How safe are our children? 2016

The NSPCC has just published their latest report analysing up-to-date child protection data from across the 4 nations in the UK. This is the most concise data in the UK and includes historic data, to help track progress over time.

There has been an increase in the reporting and recording of child abuse and neglect. All four countries in the UK have seen the number of recorded sexual offences against children increase over the last year.

Summer term 2016 - Clerk briefings notes and links to documents

Summer term clerk briefings

The summer term Clerks' Briefings are taking place next week and the week after. Times and venues are below. Please book by visiting

Tuesday 12 April 2016, 13.00, Wickford Collaborative Learning Centre

Wednesday 13 April 2016, 10.00, Latton Bush Centre, Harlow