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The new Ofsted framework - September 2015

Sir Michael Wilshaw launched the new Ofsted framework, which will be in place from the 1st September, in a speech on the 15th June. He commenced with a tribute to the work that school leaders are doing:

I want to start this important conference by paying tribute to you as the leaders of our education system - people who are making such a difference to the lives of children and young people across our country.

Summer term clerks' briefings 2015- notes and links to documents

The clerks' briefings were held in the first fortnight of the summer term and were attended by over 110 clerks across Essex. The notes for the briefings are now published on the website along with the documents and guidance referred to at the briefings.

Safeguarding documents updated March 2015

A number of key safeguarding documents have been updated and published by the DfE and Ofsted, as well as the Local Authority and the NSPCC. These include: